Cartridge / Insertion Heaters

cartridge heaters and insertion heaters can be inserted into holes, used as immersion heaters placed directly in liquid or in protective wells, or can be mounted in pipes or vessels.

• Sheath material: stainless steel ss304/316/321

• Heating resistance wire:Cr20Ni80

• Working temperature: max 700°C

• Diameter range (mm):2.6mm-30mm

• Length range (mm):15mm-3000mm

• Diameter tolerance: metric -0.02/-0.06mm

• Length tolerance: ±1mm

• Power tolerance: +5%,-10%

• Rated voltage (110-220):≦1.27 times

• Insulation resistance: ≧5Ω

• With(and voltage:1500v/min)

• Designed life:3000 hours

• Power density:
•  -heating in mold: 45w/cm2(max)

•  -heating in water: 67w/cm2(max)

•  -heating in static air: 10w/cm2(max)

•  -heating in flowing air: 18w/cm2(max)

• Wire lead: fiberglass

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