Cartridge / Insertion Heaters

   Ceramic Heating Tube


Technical features: high temperature resistance, longer life span, applicable to the environmental temperature ≤ 1100℃

Description: two types  1)95 alumina ceramic sheath  the heating core is made from RE(rare earth), High temperature reached 1400 ℃ 

2Using the silicon molybdenum ceramic, filling with ceramic powder and sintering them under the high temperature, tube diameter ≥ Φ 10mm, what can also be used in hollow tube with double radiating surface process, this process can make the  elements long term working under the temperature ≤1400℃ with safety condition.

 Sheath material: stainless steel ss304/316/321 

 Heating resistance wire:Cr20Ni80 
Working temperature: max 700°C 
Diameter range (mm):2.6mm-30mm 
Length range (mm):15mm-3000mm 
Diameter tolerance: metric -0.02/-0.06mm 
Length tolerance: ±1mm 
Power tolerance: +5%,-10% 
Rated voltage (110-220):max1.27 times 
Insulation resistance: min5Ω 
With(and voltage:1500v/min) 
Designed life:3000 hours 
Power density: 
  -heating in mold: 45w/cm2(max) 
-heating in water: 67w/cm2(max) 
-heating in static air: 10w/cm2(max) 
  -heating in flowing air: 18w/cm2(max) 

Wire lead: fiberglass



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